Available Red Mini Girl–Piper

Piper is 7 months out of 2 mini’s, Rose and Dexter. Should be about 20 pounds at maturity. Sleeps in crate, uses a dog door, walks on leash, gets along with everyone. Available now. Email with questions.

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  1. Rebecca Campagna November 2, 2021 — 9:09 pm

    Omg! I love her! Is she still available? How much?

  2. Lorie kahn. Phone 818-975-8388 November 3, 2021 — 2:44 am

    She is adorable. Is she available? How much is the princess? Why is she saved down? Is she just perfect.
    I live in Los Angeles,can she go in an air plane..
    DO you use a dog nanny?


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