Acquiring A Cherry Puppy—How-To

IMG_4209You have been looking all over the web. Chasing hairy dogs down the street to talk to their owners. Asking your friends, neighbors, dentist. And now you have found us.

We have puppies and have been raising these fabulous dogs for 15 years!

Here’s the process.

  1. The reservation fee holds your place in line to choose a puppy from the litter you have signed up for, based on your preferences (gender, color, size). It’s $500. Non-refundable but transferable twice, should you need to change to another litter. After that, it is no longer transferable or refundable.
  2. Send in the application, reservation fee.  We accept the fee via personal check, Venmo, or some other fee-less money transfer service. For Paypal or credit card, add 3%.
  3. When the puppies are born, you will be notified of the date, health status, number, gender, colors etc.
  4. Periodic photo updates will be available.
  5. Puppy choosing happens at 6 weeks of age. We go down the waiting list in the order people are on it. You either come out and choose in person, or it can be done via photos and video and conversations if you are unable to come in person.
  6. Balance of the puppy is due by 8 weeks. Total is $3000, less deposit. Add $232.5 sales tax for CA residents.
  7. Puppies go home between 8 and 9 weeks of age. If your puppy is enrolled in the Puppy Head Start Training Package, they generally stay till 10 weeks.
  8. We understand that sometimes things come up or vacations maybe scheduled that clash with the puppy pick up date.  We do offer $40 a day boarding arrangements, or better yet, you may opt to book your puppy into the Head Start Training program. S/he will come home with that much more knowledge and training.


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