Our Mamas

RETIRED – Cherry Short Story (Shortie)  WALA registered.

Super mellow sweetest reddest most delectable personality ever.  She is daughter of our Storytime. She has been many places our puppies rarely go because she is just so easy to grab and take!  Never asks when will we get there.  20 pounds of redness.   Passed all her health testing. 




Cherry Dreamtime (Claire) – WALA00017056



When Claire met her guardian boy, she was 8 months, he 2 years old, she fell in love. Just lay down beside him and wouldn’t move. Mellow, kind, loving girl, attentive and nurturing.  She is out of our own Dreamer (Nestlewood Time to Dream) and Mendelson (Master Yoda).  We weren’t planning on keeping back a puppy from that litter, but Claire had such an outstanding personality, we could not not keep her.

She lives with her guardian family and has her own instagram account (@claire_12719).

All her health testing is complete. OFA hips/elbows fair/negative, Paw Print Genetics extended panel clear, IC carrier. 


Nestlewood Rose of Shannon – ALAA-067247 – WALA00014535

25 pounds of red furry joy. Rosie is our mini girl from Nestlewood labradoodles.  She spends her days traveling the country with her guardian family in an RV. OFA Good, CERF clear, genetics clear by Paw Print extended panel.


Cherry It’s the Right Time (Rye) – WALA00017137

Rye is out of our beloved Brie who has just retired to her forever home. Rye is confident and outgoing, but relaxed and happy to be wherever people are. She has the old-timey Australian Labradoodle therapy dog personality, a beautiful plush coat. 

Health testing: OFA hips/elbows/eyes, Paw Print extended panel clear. 50lbs – standard size.


Cherry Thumbelina – WALA00017235



Thumbelina is our small medium girl out of Tallula and Mendelson. Adorable, graceful, gentle and completely unfazed by anything. Plush wavy apricot fleece coat. She just had the cutest debut litter ever! 

Health testing: OFA hips/elbows Good/negative, Paw Print Genetics extended panel clear



Nestlewood’s Time to Dream ( Dreamer) – ALAA-068443 – WALA00014528

The calmest gentlest girl!  Such a sweetie. 

Coat: Wavy red fleece coat. Nonshedding.

Stats: 21 inches, 40-45 pounds.

Health OFA hips/elbows, CERF passed. PRA/PRCD VWD EIC etc clear by parentage.

Lineage: Granddaughter of our own Time to Dance (Dancer) retired.


Cherry Pennyroyal – WALA00014527

Always dressed to impress in her girl-tuxedo and spatz shoes, Penny is a happy bouncing ball of cute. She is always up for a walk of any length, ride in the car, trip to Home Depot.

Parents are Minty and our now retired Toki.  She is recessive for the parti gene.  Passed all her health testing with flying colors.


Cherry Tallula- WALA00016028. RETIRED

Petite, Confident, Outgoing, Adorable. Eager to please but not submissive. Smart. She always does the right thing.

Coat: Soft curly fleece, nonshedding.

Stats: 30 pounds, 17 inches. She is a caramel, meaning liver colored nose and green human-like eyes.

Parents: Puppy Love’s Starstruck aka Tabitha (retired) and Beaumond Max

Best known for: Jessica Rabbit impersonator. Sister of Tabbitt Tossino.

Health: OFA good, elbows normal, CERF normal, Pra prcd clear by parentage. vWd clear by parentage.


INTRODUCING. The Inimitable Flair.  Cherry Flair for Dramatic Timing WALA00014122. RETIRED


Best Know As—-The Lucille Ball of the labradoodle world, Flair takes herself very seriously but ends up a goofball.  She is the ultimate therapy dog personality, notices everything about you and glued to your leg.

Coat: Nonshedding rich nonfading red soft wavy fleece. Multi-multi generational Australian Labradoodle

Stats: It’s impolite to ask a lady’s stats, so don’t tell her we told you.  45 pounds, 21 inches.

Parents: Cherry Time to Dance and Hale’s Oscar.

Health: Genetics clear by Paw Print Australian Labradoodle panel, IC clear, OFA Good, elbows clear. CERF passed.

Cherry Dressed in Spearmint – WALA00014523

Otherwise known as Minty. Dark chocolate and fabulous, Minty comes from a long line of therapy dogs.  She is from the original Rutland Manor lineage imported from Australia 15 years ago. Her coat is a soft spiral curl.

Her temperament is thoughtful, polite, calm, observant, slight reserved, never rowdy, never pushy–qualities important in a companion/therapy dog.

Health testing OFA Good, elbows normal,  CERF clear, Genetics clear by Paw Print Australian Labradoodle panel, IC clear.

Cherry Story Time – WALA00015023

Story is out of our very own Brie and Golden Gate’s Rust and Diamonds. Wavy coat. Friendly, attentive, glued to my leg.

Story has a NOSE on her. She can smell anything including treats before they are even out of the car! Very food focused which means you can have her “eating out of your hand”.  

Health testing OFA Good, elbows normal,  CERF clear, Genetics clear by Paw Print Australian Labradoodle panel, IC clear.



Cherry Once Upon a Time (Brie) – RETIRED

The grande Dame of our Kennel. Brie!!!  Everyone who meets her adores her!  Melt in your hand Classic original Australian Labradoodle personality. OFA Excellent, CERF clear, etc.


Cherry Candra – WALA00014122 RETIRED

Glamorous and different with her dramatic coloring.  Candra is from our outgoing, old-timer Aussie Labradoodle personality line.   Confident, intuitive therapy dog personality.  Taller standard, at 50 pounds and 22 inches, silky wavy fleece coat.

Health: OFA excellent, CERF, PRA prcd clear by parentage, etc.


Cherry Pumpkin Latte  RETIRED and in her forever home

Best Know As: Party Animal

Personality: Happy happy happy. Miss Merry Sunshine. Never met a stranger. Everyone is a friend. Comes from a long line of extroverted confident Australian labradoodles. Her great great grandmother was our first import from Australia, Rutlands Sharnie who lived to be 16, never sick a day in her life.

Coat: blonde, soft curly fleece

Stats:  50 pounds and 22 inches

Health: CERF passed, PRA prcd clear by parentage. OFA good on hips, normal elbows. vWD clear by parentage.

Parents: Cherry Macchiato (Moxie) and Beaumonde Max

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