Our Mamas

Cherry Shoshona  – WALA00077984

Shoshona is a big stocky red girl out of my very best lines.  Her mom is Flair and her dad is Keeper and she is a keeper. She hikes with me, guards the kitchen floor when I cook and keeps the javelins at bay. She is a standard at 50 pounds and 23 inches at the shoulder. Melts at the touch of a human hand. Good eye contact. Really, I think she thinks she is a princess trapped in a dog’s body.

OFA Good, CERF clear, genetics clear by parentage.


Cherry Sabine – WALA00077986

I loved Shona and Keeper’s pups so much, I kept two. Sabine is full sister to Shoshona. She is equally quirky, smart, melty when you touch her and LONGS to connect, person to person, I mean dog. She is also an enchanted princess. She is a little smaller than Shoshona. My hiking buddy and RV companion. Looking forward to her puppies! 45 pounds and 22 inches.  EXPECTING PUPPIES THIS SUMMER! Stay tuned.

OFA Good, CERF clear, genetics clear by parentage.


Nestlewood’s Time to Dream ( Dreamer) – ALAA-068443 – WALA00014528

The calmest gentlest girl!  Such a sweetie. 

Coat: Wavy red fleece coat. Nonshedding.

Stats: 21 inches, 40-45 pounds.

Health OFA hips/elbows, CERF passed. PRA/PRCD VWD EIC etc clear by parentage.

Lineage: Granddaughter of our own Time to Dance (Dancer) retired.


Cherry Truly Pepper – WALA00065742

Her temperament is thoughtful, polite, calm, observant, slight reserved, never rowdy, never pushy–qualities imortant in a companion/therapy dog.  She has had a beautiful litter of pups with GORGEOUS silky coats. Excited for her next batch.

Health testing OFA Good, elbows normal,  CERF clear, Genetics clear by Paw Print Australian Labradoodle panel.


Cherry Picture Book (Pixie) – WALA00078858

Pixie is out of our favorite Story, grandmother Brie, and from a long line of our dogs stretching back to Australia. Her dad is Mac. She has Mac’s quirky personality of flopping on her back when you talk to her. Very mellow and very red with a straight non shedding coat. She is amazing! She is 25 pounds. A mini. Deep nonfading red, from nonfading red parents. 

Health testing OFA Good, elbows normal,  CERF clear, Genetics clear by Paw Print Australian Labradoodle panel, IC clear.


Cherry Saunders-Roe Princess – WALA00062691

Saunders is a sweet gentle non shedding girl, 25 pounds.  She is non shedding caramel ice fleece coat. She has a quiet authority. She can just look at her house companion, Nash, who is 3 times her size, and Panache wilts. Saunders makes beautiful puppies with gentle loving mellow temperaments. She lives with her guardian family and Panache. 

OFA good, Pennhip 0.49, 0.5, OFA cardiac/patella clear, genetics clear by PPG extended panel.


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