2019 Puppies

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Available Puppies

UPCOMING  LITTERS:   951-692-5354 for details. Availability on all litters.

Candra x Mendelson.  Puppies are here. 3 Silky blacks males with white chests and chins, one apricot male, and 2 light apricots females with blazes.  Go home in March 9-15 Standards. 45-50 pounds.  Silky coats, outgoing and confident and mellow. From a long line of therapy dogs.

boy 324






Dreamer x Mendelson.

Dreamer’s first litter. Beautiful brand new puppies in various shades of apricot and red, with boys and girls. Will grow up to be mediums/ standards at 35-50 pounds. Relaxed, mellow, loving. Ready to go home late March. Dreamer is the most mellow dog on the planet.


Tabbit x Trex

Parti puppies!! Creams with beige spots!! Lush coats. Mediums to small standards,



Story and Toki have mediums.  951-692-5354 ..…. Apricots girls, and 4 silky black/charcoal males. Go home April 12-14.




IMG_0236 2


  •  We offer 2 week head start puppy training package. Crate, leash and 5 basic commands.  Puppies are well on their way to housetraining with the extra 2 weeks. Fee is $875
  • We offer private reserve–if you just have to be first in line, even ahead of CV labradoodles. It is a fee of $750 to jump the line, on top of the $500 deposit.  Not available on all litters. Non refundable and non transferable. For those who Have to be First








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