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Story and Toki

Barry and Maurice are 2 silky silvery charcoal males available from this fabulous litter! They’re multi-generational Australian Labradoodles and will be large mediums or small standards, about 40-45 pounds. 

Both are calm, loving, playful, and very people-focused. Barry wishes he was a lapdog and Maurice wants to nap on your feet and do whatever you’re doing.

Fourteen weeks old and ready to become a part of your family now with crate-training, registration, full vaccinations, and health guarantee. We love the silver look: click here for photos of an adult silver Labradoodle. Call 951-692-5354 to ask about Barry and Maurice and see our Instagram for a peek into their lives.

Minty and Trex

These two had an incredible litter! Eight creams and four charcoal/silver multi-generational Australian Labradoodles. Boys and girls available. They have lush silky coats from Trex and outgoing people-oriented personalities from Minty. Size will be large mediums, ranging from 40-50 pounds. Born May 16th and going home mid-July. Call 951-692-5354 and we’ll tell you all about them!

Rosie and Toki

Four adorable mini multi-generational Australian Labradoodles! Boys available. Will be friendly, sociable and playful. Soft fleece coats and estimated to be 25-30 pounds. Born May 20th and going home mid-July. Call 951-692-5354 to learn more. 

And more!

  • We offer 2 week head start puppy training package. Crate, leash and 5 basic commands.  Puppies are well on their way to housetraining with the extra 2 weeks. Fee is $875.
  • We offer private reserve—if you just have to be first in line, even ahead of Cherry Valley Labradoodles. It is a fee of $750 to jump the line. Not available on all litters. 


Brie and Mendelson: blondes and apricots, standard size and will be 45-55 pounds. Brie of the most amazing temperament is retiring and this is her very last litter. Due soon and going home in July. We’re accepting waitlist applications for this litter.

Flair and Mendelson: Sweet, personable Flair is going to have an amazing litter of standard sized multi-generational Australian Labradoodles. They’ll be 40-55 pounds and have red, blonde, and apricot coats. Due in July and going home end of September. We’re accepting waitlist applications for this litter.

We are an accredited WALA breeder.

Serving all of Southern California and neighboring metros

Serving all of Southern California and neighboring metros

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