Guardian Homes

Cherry Keeping Time (Keeper) is a fantastic future stud puppy. He is looking for a equally fantastic guardian home. He is a year old. Sleeps in a crate, walks on a leash. He has medium energy, intact male interests. He is loving and will be a devoted companion. He is 50 pounds; he is as big as he is going to get.


The contract is for 5 years of service to Cherry Valley Labradoodles and our customers. You will be required to keep him groomed per our instructions, maintain his training, maintain his health, follow our instructions regarding flea meds and vaccines, exercise him regularly and notify us of any changes in your life or in his health. If you will be out of town, you must also notify us so arrangements can be made if his services are needed. He is not allowed to be moved to another state without written permission from Cherry Valley Labradoodles.

We are looking for a special certain home. He is a sweet wonderful guy, but strong. And he will need discipline, such as crating, refresher training, exercise etc. You must be an experienced dog owner.

Please email us with your home, property, and family situation if you would like to be considered, including what other pets live at your place. Priority given to returning customers first.

There is a legally binding contract you will be required to sign. You will be required to make him available whenever we need him. If this is not your thing, then we would suggest you buy a puppy. Guardian situations are meant to be win-win. We will not tolerate whining, complaining or controlling behaviors/talk. If that’s your thing, then we suggest you buy a puppy. If you think you know better than everyone and are not a team player, then we suggest you buy a puppy. Only considering people willing to be collaborative and easy to get along with. or 951-692-5354


We occasionally place dogs in local guardian homes. Prospective applicants must live in the Southern California region. Also consideration to Tucson AZ.

Below are some of our dogs already in guardian homes.

Our guardian home program involves placing breeding dogs with local families. The dog lives with you, but comes back to stay with us when she is ready to have puppies or he’s going on a date. After a period of time, per contract, they are desexed at our expense and returned to you permanently. There is no charge for the dog and no commitment – if it just isn’t working out, bring them back to us. Please note that we remain the sole and exclusive owners of the dog until they are retired from our program.

Contact us for further details or to inquire. (951) 692-5354.

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