Available Puppies

Current  LITTERS:   951-692-5354 for details.

Toes x Toki puppies available for end of August take home. Ebony boys and 1 mini sized girl. Sweet calm temperaments, super friendly.  Silky, shiny wavy coats.  Mediums.


Teve x Trex  Puppies

Go home Oct 6-7. 3 Ebony girls with fantastic fleece coats, 1 cream girl and apricot boys. Probably mature in the 30-40 pound range.


Fall Litters–taking deposits

Minty and Toki will be expecting for October and take home late November. Was an incredible litter last time.  Super incredible. I am on the list this time myself!  Chocolates and blacks.  (Last litter pictured below for an idea of what she can do.)


Brie and Mendelson/Amos/Toki …… have been paired for fall litter. Yes, true story. She was indiscriminate in  her affections this time. Standards in apricot tones and probably blacks.  So excited for tall standards. Expect to really love this litter.

Tallula and Amos.  Photos coming. Tallula is our new girl out of our very own retired Tabitha and Beaumonde Max. She is small medium with a very sweet but confident personality. Amos is a new boy from Lucky Me labradoodles bringing us unrelated therapy dog bloodlines. He comes from Lucky Me’s anxiety dog therapy line. Sweetest boy ever.

We’re partnered with Labracadabradoodles Puppy Training Services to offer headstart puppy training packages from eight to ten weeks of age. They’ll teach leash, command, and crate training. See their website here, or let me know and we can sign you up.


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