We are a family who raises Australian labradoodles. Thirteen years ago, I was looking for another dog. Loved the shaggy look.  Wheatons, said the breeders, all act like they are 2 years old for their life…..on and on the disclaimers about established breeds.

Then we heard about the Australia labradoodle from the relatives in Australia.

Perfect.  We only intended to get a pet…..

When we first started our program there were only a handful of breeders on the west coast.  We imported 4 breeding dogs from Australia.  Most people hadn’t heard of them.

Fast forward to now.  The new breed taking the world by storm. Think of it. Nowadays, dogs live with their families, often traveling, going here and there.  Who needs  herding dog, or ratter?  This is the modern dog for the modern family.

My sons and I raise the puppies from scratch. They start out in the house in someone’s room and eventually graduate to outside big play areas. They are extensively handled, used to other dogs, chickens, cats.

Contact us at 951-692-5354 call or text.


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