Fee Details

Puppies are $3500.  Includes microchipping, vaccinations are current, regular deworming and 2 year genetic health guarantee..  We send puppies home on spay/neuter contracts now with an outside company, SpaySecure LLC, that monitors and enforces compliance with the desexing contract.  It is legally binding with all that entails.  We know there are many people currently looking to take breeders’ intellectual property without proper contracts.  SpaySecure exists to protect that.  If you are looking to breed, that is another conversation and contract and we appreciate you being upfront and honest about that.  This is a tight knit community.

The reservation fee is $500 and is subtracted from the total balance due. Balance is due by 8 weeks of age. Pick up is at eight weeks. You can enroll your puppy in our Puppy Headstart Training program for 2 weeks at at time. It’s $925.  They learn day and night crate training, potty training 101, walking on leash and 4 basic commands.

**There is a $300 administration fee retained from your deposit if you cancel after your puppy is chosen.  This covers our time, emails, and the business we lost  because we reserved a spot  for you on the list.  We reserve the right to take 30 days to refund the deposit.

Shipping can be arranged.  We like flight nannies over cargo.

We also offer delivery by car on the West Coast.  Fee depends on distance. 

**** Your spot on the litter list is secured with the deposit. Applications without deposits are not considered.

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